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The Ninth Circle 9

Orlando's Leather Community

An ever growing and ever changing community of like-minded people. People of all ages, orientations and lifestyle history. The Following as some photo taken with permission that show you about some of who we at are.

Check out the GOLD LINKS to the side to see some of our archived photos

Photo's First year

Photo's 2016/17

Our Christmas Party 2018 - it was a great night with creative play and sexy people - I only wish more of you would join us in front of the camera.

Merry Christmas

June 9th 2018 The Ninth Circle celebrated it's anniversary with a Black and White Ball - the following are just some of the friends and members who come out to play and to join in the celebration. All photos were taken with permission.

We are pleased that so many chose to come out and celebrate the Ninth Circle with us. There were so many who just from the notice of our anniversary on Fetlife and other social media sent us their good wished - it all mean a lot in support of what we try so hard to accomplish here - Let The Circle Be Unbroken !

Every month we gather for one of the Ninth Circle's Protocol Suppers and we always enjoy the sense of community in our Leather Family - This June 3rd Supper was an especially proud day when we presented boots to two amazing women of Leather Passiflora2010 and irreverentsub congratulations to you both.

May 25th 2018 -

The Ninth Circle's Memorial Day BIG PARTY -

The following are some of the photo taken with permission - including a needle play session to light up the flag