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The Ninth Circle 9

Orlando's Leather Community

Built On Integrity and the Inclusive Welcoming of all Persons of leather

955 W. Taft Vineland Road, suite F, Orlando, Fl. 32824

We are a membership community for Education and Socialization within the Leather and Fetish lifestyle

Membership Rights and Responsibilities

Prior to listing the requirements of membership you need to know the following:

The Ninth Circle IS NOT a sex club; it IS NOT a swingers club. The Ninth Circle is a Leather Lifestyle community. The Ninth Circle will not allow the use of drugs or alcohol, the payment (in any form) for services rendered within the club (or on its grounds or in its vicinity). We consider this to be prostitution, which is illegal.

HOUSE RULES - No Blood Play Of Any Kind, this includes any type of play that is know to draw blood. All Insertion Play MUST be covered no matter what your personal play practices may be. No NON-Consensual play is allowed and Safe words will be used and respected.


1: Membership shall be contingent upon the receipt of all membership forms, with each page completed and signed, accompanied by the recommendation of an active and current member in good standing. If you do not know a current member, Master Stephen or the Lady Kathryn can offer the recommendation.

2: Membership requirements shall include signing the liability waiver, payment of non-refundable dues and the presentation of a current and valid photo ID stating that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

3: All Membership applications are subject to the Approval of the Master of The Dungeon. His word is final.

4: Membership shall remain valid for one year (12 months) from the date of registration. After a membership is expired, a person may renew their membership by resigning a current liability waiver and the payment of he current yearly membership fee.

5: Membership shall be determined without regard to sex, race, creed, color, religion, marital or relational status, sexual orientation, gender identification, national or ethnic origin.

6: Applicants must not be convicted of any felony, must not have been convicted of any hate crime or any sexual crime. Any convictions or civil/ criminal actions pending in the court system must be noted on the application and will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Master of the Dungeon.

7: Membership applications are highly confidential.

8: Members of The Ninth Circle will conduct themselves with integrity and personal dignity. Members shall at all times try to calmly resolve any differences between one member and another as adults and community members. Should this not be possible, they may request a chance to bring their issue to the Master of the Dungeon for mediation – and His word is final.

9: The Master or Mistress of the Dungeon hold the right to refuse membership and entry to the Ninth Circle at their own discression. In the same way they may refuse to renew a anyones membership with out explenation. All decissions are final and confidential.

Membership Fees: (effective Jan. 1st, 2018)

First time and Renewing members are $40. (This includes a one year membership as well as your first night's entry).

- Tuesday Night Class Fees – will vary based on the presentation

- Wicked Wednesdays/ Men's Night – Returning members - $20 open at 7:p - last entry at 11:p close at Midnight

- Thursday Nights/ FemDOM Plus Night – Returning Members are $20 open at 7:p - last entry at 10:30p close at 11:30

- Fridays & Saturdays/ Pan-sexual Play Nights – Returning Members are $20. 8:p - 2:a last entry at midnight

As you make your payment you will be given a wrist band. You will be required to have the band on your arm each time you enter the dungeon.

There are four wrist bands to choose from. Please inform the desk person which band is right for you:

Gold – DOM who is looking for a sub

White – sub who is looking for a DOM

Blue – switch who is looking for a play partner

Red - NOT LOOKING (also suggested for couples not looking for other play partners)

As of March 1, 2019 The Ninth Circle is please to offer a $5. reentry discount for all active college students and active military with valid and current ID.

Please be prepared to show your student or military ID along with your payment to receive the discount. The discount is available on all of our open play nights

Wednesday - all Male Clothing Optional Play Night 7p - last entry 10p close Midnight

Thursday - Pansexual - Female Dominant -Plus - 7p - last entry 10p close Midnight

Friday - Pansexual play night in the dungeon - 8p - last entry 11p close 2:a

Saturday - Pansexual play night in the dungeon - 8p - last entry 11p close 2:a

Master Stephen & The Lady Kathryn